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In my younger years I had no self-love, and I had no further problems with this. but because of this I was not concerned with myself, who I was and I did not really develop an identity. however, this did bother me when I got older. five years ago this botherd me the most. Then I started asking myself who I was and what I wanted in my life. I then made a wall in which I wrote on everything I knew about myself. from what I liked to how I thought about things. without realizing this, it has given me many insights about myself and who I was at the time.




Five years later I made another wall about myself. now there is teh word self-love on this wall. What is self-love for me and how did I get to it?. is self-love tangible and how do you get there? In my project I show what self-love means to me and how I came to it. based on the wall of the past and present.

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