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We went to RALSKO for a seminar. This is a nature reserve with many monuments from the Second World War. These are from Germany and Russia. This hurts a lot the people who live there. Our assignment was to do something with the ruins to give them new life. We were in a group of 6, 4 people from my class one woman from Italy and one woman from Istanbul.

We explored the area and discovered that there were many ruins in a place where it was hard to find. We also found old tiles in one of the ruins and we decided to make a route through the area. we had five locations that we could find. We have also created landscape art for every ruin to breathe new life into the ruins and make them more visible.

And to accentuate the beautiful things We created a vantage point at one location so that people could really sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery they have, because that is not everywhere. Certainly not in the Netherlands. We worked outside for a week and realized all our projects. It was one of the best experiences I had with a group project in another country. There was a good atmosphere and the nature was beautiful.

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