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2020 - 2022

My artworks primarily originate from the remnants of my sculptures. I draw significant inspiration from the concept of explosions and the transformation of landscapes and cities. When a city undergoes destruction, it appears as though the materials are returning to the Earth, forging a surreal union between urban environments and nature. It's a realm I yearn to inhabit and showcase my creations within. I endeavor to layer diverse materials, fostering destruction, removal, pouring, and even allowing for explosive growth. This process births novel worlds that could potentially exist on Earth or perhaps on distant planets. Ultimately, my objective is to meld everything into a cohesive whole, integrating all the media I employ in these landscapes to construct a one-to-one city and world. Here, sculpture, explosions, materials, the human form, and movement harmoniously converge, shaping a space that evolves through motion and transformation, coming into being by letting it unfold organically.


Faces 002 // 60x80
Faced 001.png
ash flower.png
bloem kopper.png

50x40 cm

50x40 cm

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