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2020 - 2022

My paintings are mainly made from residual material from my sculptures. I am greatly inspired by explosion, destruction of landscape and cities. When a city is destroyed, it feels like the materials are merging back into the earth. The cities and the landscape create a new surreal world together. A world I want to be in and where I could put my work. I try to apply different materials over each other, to destroy, to remove, to pour and to let it explowd and grow. Create new worlds that may exist on this Earths but may already exist in space and other planets. My goal is to eventually melt everything together and apply all the media I use in these landscapes and create my own city and world 1:1 where sculpture, explosion, material, body and movement come together. Where is created by moving and converting. Makiing it happen by letting it happen. 


50x40 cm

50x40 cm

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