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This project I designed an installation for a festival called betweter festival. The theme was extreme. On this festival scientists and artists come to getter to discuss topics which are extreme. The artist make installations or artwork witch are linked with a topic of a scientists.

My topic is: why people want to live bigger and more compelling?

I made an installation that opened three times in the evening for half an hour. Only one person could enter at the same time. This person was blindfolded and had to hand-in his phone. Afterwards, everyone who had been in the installation was given a button with the text “I have seen it”, which they would carry on for the rest of the evening.

Because there was only a certain time that the installation opened and only one person was allowed inside at a time, not everyone could experience the installation from the inside. the queue became longer and everyone asked where the buttons came from and therefore wondered what was happening in the installation. it was not possible to explain and had to be experienced. As a result, I was constantly asked if people were allowed in, even when I was closed, and of course this was not possible. And because the installation was a one of a kind experience.and no photos where published online, you could only experience it that evening.

But what happend in the insallation? you should have been at the event.


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