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Sowing and reaping

2024 (IJzingwekkend 7, Den helder)

Currently, I am engaged in the theme of Becoming Human, in which I explore various subjects and experiences to create an understanding of what it means to be human. I often incorporate mythology and religion into this exploration because they provide stories that predate our current understanding of humanity. I place these elements in the context of contemporary times and physically respond to them myself. Within these works, we see an expression of one of the four horsemen: death, and the duality of this concept fascinates me greatly. We sow, but we primarily reap, often at the expense of what or even whom? This, combined with how we deplete the Earth's resources and how the concept of beauty shifts towards artificial images, is something I try to embody on my skin without breaking it.

The sand dunes represent the surplus materials we create and how we interact with space. Within these dunes stand three glass plates adorned with flowers. The glass plates question transparency, while the flowers are made from materials considered scarce and valuable in human eyes. Nowadays, they represent a significant aspect of beauty, showing how materiality has become crucial, and we create beauty ourselves. However, the presence of the flower hints at where true beauty originates: from nature and ourselves.

The scythe introduces tension within the works. It can reap all that we create in a matter of seconds, undoing all the beauty. As humans, we continue to reap and deplete, although we also attempt to sow. Can we balance our harvesting with our sowing efforts?

With the ceramic armor, I walk with my vulnerability visible; I hide behind it, yet it also makes me incredibly fragile. Despite this vulnerability, I am just as guilty of reaping.

Taken together, these works create a duality of human existence, reflecting on our behaviors and providing insight into the choices we can make.

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