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Imagine virus


Imagine Mutated


Make sure you don't get infected !?


This year three students of Spatial Design HKU designed the backdrop for Imagine 2019. Fascinated by the various themes this year, the designers managed to make a connection between them:


A virus that originated after the festival started with slasher, science, space travel and more. The cutting and pasting of the slasher DNA caused a virus to be grown during the process. A process that will slowly take over the festival. It will confront the current environment and people will be steered by the virus.


From this fictional idea, the mutated cells have arisen that will move throughout the space. The different stages of the virus are shown through small to large interventions, from lighting to installations, there is no escaping.



Rowan Boeijen

Stephan Versteeg

Ernest Bessems

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