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For this project we had to make a artwork for the city utrecht. The artwork had to express the transition we are going through in utrecht that in 2030 the city wil be climateneutral. The location was a sqaure cald neude. I analysed al the squars in Utrecht an thought this was not the right spot. This spot had to be a spot in the center of the city. In the heart of the city where we can start from an grow around it.


 this sqaure was the Domplein. Next tot he Domtoren. Back in the days the Domtower was conected to the Domchurch after a big storm the middel part witch had no side aisles was blowen apart. The parts with the side aisles and the tower remaind. Me methafor is the same in my design. We wil rebuild the middel part of the domchurch and tower. We will do this by growing roots Witch conect everything. In the middel of this part we wil place a big heart. Witch beats once in the ten ours. I got this from taking al the inhabitants from Utrecht and divide this by the beat of a heart. Wen it beats it wil make a noice witch build up and a big redlight will glow in the hart and te light wil be passed on through the veins witch wal throgh the city.


The roots where made from Concrete wich if we dont get the CO2 level down wil slowly breakdown. If that happens the heart wil have to work harder and only a small steel construction wil remain. How will u pas the heart from ur city on to ur children. Strong and clean. Or hard working and on its last breath?

Concrete Test models

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