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This Project was al about equanimity. The location was a long, small creepy street in Utrecht. I had to make a art work witch showed what fear means to me. I found out that fear to me is Equanimity.steadiness of the mind under fear. 

 I visualised fear by making ironwire sqaures witch on there own are verry clear fears and not verry scary because u can see what the shape is. But if a the squares are together al combined its a big storm of fear witch u cannot define or have control over.  In this storm was also a thick copper wire wich appears and leaves again. This stands for a heavy toxic fear witch you somtimes got to deal with but as time pass it wil disapear again.  

After i visualised the fear i added the way to Equanimity. I did this by adding the flexible plastic witch had a red color. The red color stands for courage, the feeling you have wen u stand up against your fear. It was plastic because of the flexibility, like people how we can handel stiuations, move diffrent ways through life. This line was telling the story about how you can get through your fear and control it. You see the red line move through the storm and undersanding how the fear works and as it proceeds the line gets bigger and stronger. And the end it forms a square around the last piece of fear. This stanfs for equanimity in other words controlling your fear. 

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