Artist statement


My father used to tell me that I should not worry about the rain because most of it falls besides me. In my work I precisely focus on the rain that falls on me, I always have. Since i was younger i always wonder how my thoughts connect to my fysical experience.  

In my work I always combine different artistic disciplines. I express inner values through a coherent combination of image and movement.  I try to express and visualize timeless and universal feelings and experiences by means of a personal idiom.  I want to get to the core of my work and fascinations. I want to bring all aspects of my work together in a uncut landscape of thoughts and feelings.  

I always endeavor to never be too comfortable, I never feel valuable or intresting things came out of me being comfortable. Dont judge him when he is comfortable its about what he adapts to. 

Even though I come from spatial design, I have the feeling that I fit much better with fine-art. Spatial is only one aspect of my work. I work with more different disciplines. I cannot release my entire self within spatial only. Im also not a designer i make autonomes work.  

am fascinated by the Perception of reality, Connection between thoughts, reality and the well-being of people. The universal feelings that have existed since the beginning of humanity and how these feelings persist despite evolution.  I am also interested in how we take up space with our body and how it responds to spatial volumes.